Babydoll sheep
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USDA Class C

We are located in Garden Prairie, IL, which is near Marengo, Belvidere and Rockford.  We are also very close to I39 and I90.  Garden Prairie, IL is about 65 miles west of Chicago. 

It was always our dream to have a little place in the country.  It took us almost 20 years to get here but it has been well worth the wait.  We live on almost five acres in Garden Prairie, Il.  Every day brings us something new such as a newborn lamb, kid or just harvesting fresh tomatoes from our very own garden.  It isn't easy but the results have been worth the work for us.   

If you visit us, you'll quickly notice the huge enclosures in our back yard.  We are licensed to have some exotic animals and currently we have a bobcat and two foxes that reside safely in large enclosures just a few steps from our back door.

Years ago we volunteered with an animal rescue and there were times when a mink or some other exotic animal would come in.  It was hard enough for the director to find a good home for a prairie dog much less a mink, so we brought the occasional escaped domestic mink home. We already had several ferrets and I've always had a special place in my heart for mink as well.  It wasn't long before we obtained a federal license to do educational programs with our mink and ferrets.  We no longer do exotic animal rescue, although our remaining bobcat, foxes and kinkajous will have a home with us until they eventually pass away of old age.  Our bobcat is over ten years old, our kinkajous are about twenty years old. 

We are members of the following groups:

North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association and Registry

American Goat Society

And a special Thank You to a few wonderful gentlemen at Raecho Rubber for signing us up for a membership to the American Sheep Industry.  This was a very unique Christmas present for us this year!