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We can now offer a few limited Babydoll and cross bred sheep fleeces.  We are also going to have a few fleeces processed and will be able to sell roving and batting as well.  All our sheep have been sheared, now I only have to make the time to skirt the fleeces.  Please contact me if you are interested in a fleece and I will put that color/type ahead of the rest for you.  Feel free to call me on my cell 815-274-8058 or email me at heck6100@t6b.com 

6/25/15...update.  I have taken a few fleeces in to be turned into roving so if you are interested in Babydoll roving, please let me know.  It will be ready in about 3 months.  I will set the prices when I find out what the mill is charging me for them.  I do have a small amount of white and black Lincoln Longwool available.  The fleeces are raw and as of right now, I do not intend to take them in for processing but that might change.  The locks are about ten inches long and if you are interested, call me and I can weight them and find out about shipping cost to you. They are raw though, right off the sheep, not very greasy but they do have VM in them and they are dirty. 

I will try to be brutally honest about describing each fleece so that we can avoid any surprises. I don't want unhappy customers and I'm sure after bringing in fleeces, you want to make sure that the fleeces you buy will work for your projects.  Please be sure to tell me as much as possible about what you want so that we can both be happy.  :  )  Keep in mind that I haven't yet had the time to start all the projects that I want to do like felting or spinning so I'm still learning myself about what is needed or desired but I will always do my best to make you happy but please don't assume that I know what is needed for your projects. 

Babydoll wool is wonderful for felting, batting, and spinning.  Dust mites don't grow and breed in pillows made from wool and some studies claim that you can get about 30% more REM sleep from sleeping on them.  It makes sense to me, did you know that your pillows will actually get heavier over time just from all the dust mite "residue" to put it politely?  I can't wait to make my own babydoll pillows for myself!  Plus I know have several close friends who are on my list for pillows of their own after I make mine. 

Remember that the current fabric choices of polyester, rayon, polar fleeces, etc. are all basically made from oil.  They can make you stinky because they do not naturally ventilate and wool is even flame retardant.  That's why the military uses a lot of wool grown here in America.  Plus, wool is a renewable resource!  Sheep just grow it all over again once they are sheared.  It does not hurt the sheep to be sheared but, sometimes I think that they might be a little embarrased to be standing there basically naked right after.  I may be reading more into that than I should though, that's what happens when you spend your life with your livestock.  You get way too emotionally involved!   

We recently had some wool micron tested from the lab, Yocom-McColl.  It was an unknown adult white ewe so the test results do not reflect how soft a lambs fleece is, which of course is much softer than the adults.  The results are, Mean fiber diameter is on average 28.5 microns, standard deviation is 6.5 microns and fibers greater than 30 microns is 36.6%.  "A micron is defined as 1/25,400th of an inch.  Comfort factor is the percentage of fibers over 30 microns subtracted from 100 percent.  Ten percent of fibers over 30 microns corresponds to a comfort factor of 90%."  In comparison Merino fleece is typically around 21 microns and Superfine Merino is 16 microns.  So our little Babydolls actually do have very soft fiber, maybe not as soft as Superfine Merino but it is still perfectly acceptable, good and strong fiber. 

There is of course more to these results and if you have any questions, please just call me or email me and I will be happy to talk with you more about this.  Basically the results show that Babydoll Southdown fiber is actually quite soft to the touch and unless you are highly sensitive to wool or lanolin, it is comfortable to wear next to the skin.  And if not, the fiber is still excellent to felt with or use as batting as I explain further down the page.   

This is Bandit's raw fleece.  It has been skirted heavily.  This is a raw fleece, meaning it has not been washed yet but we have picked off the edges and all large debris that we could find.  Fleece is $10.00 plus shipping.  It is light mocha brown at the tip and is lighter at the base.  It is very soft and springy to the touch.  **Bandit's fleece has been sold-thank you everyone for your interest in it and a big Thank you to Sally in Alaska for puchasing it**


The top two pictures are of Charlotte's fleece, she is a three year old ewe who has very dense and soft fleece.  Like all our Babydolls, her fleece is very greasy as you can see from the above photo of the underside of her fleece.  The yellow patches are lanolin the lighter areas are the true color of her fleece which I would describe as an off white or light beige.  Like all our moms, she was sheared after she lambed but I pulled out several locks and it doesn't appear that her fleece has broken at all, and I pulled on them very hard and all they did was stretch.  Her staple length on her fleece is about 2 inches and although it is dirty, her color is true all the way through so if this fleece is dyed, it should be consistant.  The above picture is decieving because I took these photos at a red sunset but the color is really a off white/warm beige color not chocolate.  This is a raw fleece, heavily skirted but not washed yet.  It does have some grass VM but no burrs or thorns that I could find when I hand skirted it last night.  The fleece is not weighed but it is about 57" long and 41" wide.  This fleece is $12.00 plus shipping.***Charlott'e fleece has been sold-Thank you!*** 

 We can now offer goats milk soap.  After a year of practicing and giving away dozens of samples to friends and family, I think I have finally gotten my recipe good enough that I feel comfortable selling it.  I've already filled a few orders and all of my feedback has been positive.  I can make both scented and unscented soap by request, right now I have a batch curing that has the fragrance Lilac in it.  The fragrance is light, flowery but not cloying.  I have friends who are very sensitive to fragrance and so I am careful not to make our soap too strongly scented.  The soap is $5.00 per bar plus shipping. 

If you have never used goats milk soap before, let me tell you it is addicting!  The soap itself is made up from natural oils and the goats milk is fresh/frozen from our own herd of goats.  This time of the year, I am usually so itchy because the cold weather dried out my skin so much.  I have scratched my arms and legs until they bled because I could not stand the itching and none of the commercial lotions worked long enough to make a difference.  I refuse to take luke warm showers, at the end of a long hard day on the farm, a hot shower is a big treat for me.  However those hot showers used to dry out my skin, but not anymore!  No other soap or lotion has ever been so kind to my skin but still clean very well.  There are times when the bucks are in rut or I've been mucking, or whatever a day on the farm brings and I need to just be clean at the end of the day.  This soap does the job without a lot of unnecessary chemicals.  I also have very sensitive skin and my goats milk soap doesn't cause any kind of reaction.  My better half, Brad, had a patch of rough, scaly skin on his outer calf which he would scratch until it bled, so of course it never healed.  That is, until he began using our goat's milk soap too.  Now it is almost completely healed.  I do not think or even suggest that our soap has some kind of magical healing properties, but I think that since it doesn't continue to irritate the skin the way that most soaps do, I believe that using this soap allows our own body to heal itself.  Anyway, the results have been wonderful either way.  I will never go back to using store bought soap again.  Call or email me for shipping charges if you'd like to place an order.